It'll take me a long time to get over my cold.

Lake Biwa came in sight.

Thousands were killed or wounded.

Did you get them something?

An uncle of mine is a doctor.

When my interview was postponed until 3, I wandered around killing time.

I'm going to hit the sack early.

I don't think you should be alarmed.

Your request of this matter has been accepted.

It will not do to blame him for the accident.

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The richest man in the world cannot buy her love.

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I got up earlier than usual to catch the first train.


This student is from Japan.

We should try to understand one another.

It's clear that he has no intention of marrying you.

You cannot read this novel without crying.

What time do you usually wake up?

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I love butterflies.

The social structure is not much different.

My foot !

I've been around for a while.

Every time I read this book, I find something new.

All people have seen that baby.

Marty was looking forward to watching the football match he had recorded at home, and he was angry when he overheard someone mention the final score.

Too bad you couldn't come to the party.

"But what will happen to Julian while I'm gone?", said Georgina anxiously.

English is spoken in a lot of countries.

Why did she interrupt me?

I'm sticking with them.

Tricia didn't even seem to notice Rand.


We're not late.


I'm worn-out.

Making such a decision is not an easy thing.

I think you'll have to help them.

Paul's eyes sparkled like diamonds.

Rakhal made this same mistake before.

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I live in Tonga.


Her help came at just the right moment.

This isn't a party.

Our team botched a lot of passes.

My mother wrapped the sandwiches in paper.

I was about to suggest the same thing.

Would you consider marrying me?

Tell her to come see me.

He looked into the sky and at the stars.

He returned to his native village, where he spent the last few years of his life.


Dustin's helping.

She cried throughout the night.

Spy is studying right now.


I won't be at home at all today.

If you don't know what the word means, look it up in the dictionary.

You're no longer allowed to speak.

'Biology' is a Greek word that means 'the study of living organisms'.

That guy smells of garlic.

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Do you know the reason why he cut class today?


Medication is really important.


I really believe that.


It was a fair price.


It was destroyed.

This is a personal matter.

Sputnik 1, launched in 1957, triggered the Space Race.

From now on, you're one of us.

We should follow her.

Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!

The government should promote common welfare.

Here we took the boat for Alaska.

I felt terrible.

This tent is perfect for two people.

I was hoping we wouldn't have to go.

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What'll you get Deirdre for Christmas?

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It's best to let me handle it.

He blamed it on me.

Ozan hasn't been able to reach Lois.

He has an inferiority complex.

Wait till you see this.

I can't get rid of my cold.

This restaurant only accepts cash.

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Elias was injured.

I don't need to read it.

It's no use pretending that you can't speak French.


Nancy wants a pair of red shoes.

This is my last offer.

Do you really have to work?


I joined him at the station.


Roy can't speak French either.

Ji has done enough.

At last he found out the truth.


Gerda was obliged to rest again, and just opposite the place where she sat, she saw a great crow come hopping across the snow toward her.


Only Jingbai would have the guts to do that kind of thing.


This box is a trifle too heavy.

I have hardly any money left.

Heinrich hasn't told Wendy yet.

He is very difficult to get along with.

Can you tell me how to get to the airport?


I keep a diary every day.

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What does that have to do with anything?


Harold picked the coin up and examined it more closely.

Can you stop with the complaining?

We heard something moving in the next room.

The boy adapted quickly to the new class.

Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.

Don't tell my mother.

Let's go home!

I was taking care of him.

There's something you need to know.

Troy has been transferred.

They smoke.

Shari waited nervously.

He needs answers.

Yay! We're gonna win!

When you get your phone, the battery is precharged.

That would fit.

So, why don't you just go?


Vern likes to skipper small sailboats.

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Who's your favorite DJ?

Terrence told Francis it was an emergency.

Bach could transform music into pure melancholy.

I am spinning wool.

Fred got agitated.

Water comprises of oxygen and hydrogen.

The party's Tuesday.

"To hire a good lawyer?" Al-Sayib asked.

My father seldom smokes.

Love for the family is our primary duty.

Krzysztof boarded the train.

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I have an appointment with them.


What is your favorite sentence?

Do you have any idea who might have stolen my bicycle?

Will they play together again?

"Cecilia got a new job." "What kind of job?"

I just stopped by to see if you were OK.

Give Sedovic any help you can.

Have you ever argued with your parents?

He abuses his authority.

I think Syd is polite.

Such conduct on his part gave rise to her parents' suspicion.

They like to play on the swings in the park.

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There was no counterevidence.

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He asked her how to drive a car yesterday.

Where are Darren's keys?

Do you still want us to meet?

Do you put sugar in your tea?

It's so simple.

Konstantinos was competent.

Her disappointment was apparent to everyone.

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Where were you planning to put all this stuff?


It was better in the old days.

That student knows some English.

Did you have a good day?

I'm heavier than you are.

We stayed around the bonfire telling jokes and horror histories.


My car is being repaired.


Was it your idea?

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That was wrong.

I'd better run.

Tell her who you met today.

Let Pierce finish his sentence.

Carlos came in second in the race.

Please let me go and see her.

I heard you got married.


The books are small.