He can't compare with you.


Blayne told me you were afraid.

There's not a whole lot happening here at the moment.

I feel as if I'm catching cold.

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I think it's necessary for him to go there.

I've never seen them smile.

Horst is an octogenarian.


I want to talk about something else.

Theremin: The world's first electronic musical instrument, made by Russian physicist Lev Sergeivitch Termen in 1920.

I heard that a South American camper was eaten by an anaconda.


Some managers murmured at his appointment as president.


This is the next one!


Let's deal with the formalities.

What country is Boston in?

I need it to be my decision.


I'd like to ask a question.

Maria says she wants to become a model, but she knows very little about fashion.

I just heard someone scream.

I go shopping every other day.

I am shaking with cold.

Galen said he knows how to play tennis, but he doesn't like to.

Have you got through with the paper?


I have so much to offer.

Tennis is very popular among students.

No one has the right to tell me who I can and can't love.

Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive.

I have abdominal gas.

I don't wish to steal the next speaker's thunder, so I'll finish at this point.

The doll lived for a very long time, being well cared for and loved, but bit by bit, it lost its charm.

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They're pretty new.

Now he is recognized as one of the most promising writers.

I don't know what Guido was so upset about.


Rodney doesn't want to be disappointed.

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I was thinking about something else.

She is in low spirits today.

I told them what I know.

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"Dima..." Al-Sayib said. "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."


It doesn't prove anything.


I hope you told Gerald that.

If you get up early tomorrow, you can see the rising sun.

I'm not interfering, huh?


I don't think I want to be here.


No one would dare do such a thing.

Haste is a deed of Satan.

You may leave now.

This isn't all that complicated.

He sat back and watched us do all the work.

He shut the door behind him.

Would you like a coffee?


Drew said he was disappointed.

I'm going to wait for him.

What does she want?

Do your homework without delay.

Vishal is really sick.


We'll wait for your return.

Can I talk to them?

Pull the string and the water flushes.

Didn't anyone follow you?

Do you know her?

Bobby has oily skin.

After a long investigation, the police finally captured the suspected arsonist.

See you at lunch.

Why are you not with me?

The teacher didn't keep her word.

He picked it up carefully.


What dress do you like more?

Bucky was gunned down by an FBI agent.

Give her a kiss for me.

Can you wake me up at seven o'clock tomorrow morning?

I'm wondering if I love Clark.

I'm short of money.

We're never going to make it on time.

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Ken is busy this afternoon.


When he was a student, he went to the disco only once.

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I ate the chivda.

The music faded away.

Sonja heard something.

Why don't you sit with me?

I asked Knapper to go to the supermarket and buy some bread.


Have you really decided not to wait?

Are we still waiting for Ahmed?

That's a beautiful painting.

There are no birds in this forest.

I'll tell you everything that you want to know.

The cold weather lasted for three weeks.

I'll join in ten minutes.

What were you talking about?

I'm a stranger here myself.

I wish I had listened to your advice.

Can I keep it?


What's wrong with her? She's looking kind of blue.

The sun always rises in the east.

I bet I can do better than him.

Tor wasn't the most popular kid in the school, but he had a couple of friends.

Takayuki just told me that he doesn't plan to take French next year.

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Would you close the window?


Yesterday I was caught in a shower on my way home from walking in the park.


I'm not dying.

Is there something that you want?

Is this the book you're looking for?


If my parents discover that you came over, they are capable of doing something crazy.


Let me get it.

This job will take twice as long as I expected.

Kevan is Hilda's younger brother.


Amos might be tired.

I've broken off contact with Pablo.

Ambition is one of his characteristics.

I find that hard to believe.

He is a lazy student.

Vice is all excited.

Stand the book on end.


She was advised by him to go to the police.

Where can I buy stamps?

Don't eat sweets between meal times.

My daughter has fever. I should call the doctor.

My little finger is swollen.

Instead of giving each other Christmas presents this year, we donated the amount we would have spent on presents to a charity.

Lynnette died because of me.

I am baffled.

We went down by elevator.


Tony has lived in Kumamoto since last year.

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Let me think for just a second.

He is anything but honest.

He often makes people angry.


What an eloquent speaker he is!!

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He managed to escape.

Something made him angry.

Nowadays it is not unusual for a woman to travel alone.

Pim has some nosy neighbors.

That sounds like French.

Did anyone see you come in here?

Stop staring out the window.

How long do horses live?

Boyce had a brain tumor.

Pass me that wrench.

I'm an early riser.

Go with the finger!

Shouldn't you be at school today?

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If peace cannot be maintained with honor, it is no longer peace.

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Sally was a bad boy.

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I'm taking Mikael home with me.

Mother is busy keeping house.

What is aspirin made of?


They tried to walk past Cliff.


We haven't had that happen yet.

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There are many fish in this lake.

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They have rings.

Navigation was difficult because there were mines.

Reality is scary.

I never go out anymore.

The grainy texture of these mashed potatoes is deeply unpleasant.

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Let's let him try that again.

These girls are more charming than the ones I met yesterday.

I don't want to bother Aaron while he's working.

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You look just like him.