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Give me something I can cut this with.


She listens to religious music.

The elevator is out of order today.

How many teeth does a crocodile have?


He refrained from drinking too much.

What is the difference between this and that?

Don't treat me like a fool!

She pressed a button.

We do need you.

They're special.

Darci seems approachable.

Do you mean a total nuclear war?

This is extremely hard for me.


Kriton and Kenn are considering divorce.

How far is an Irishman from a drunkard? The breadth of the table.

I would like to place an order for the following.

Nothing can be produced out of nothing.

They say he's a good doctor.

He gave me a hint.

The enemy has come to our country.

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He will get better in two weeks.

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I'll write to Sanche again.

Single with bath, right?

I thought I'd do that later.

I have occasional pains in the stomach.

Change will take time.

All Victor seems to want is money.

Naresh tried to hide his anger.

Thank you for your understanding.

How pretty you look today!

They have three double rooms left.

I need him alive and unharmed.

You're in fine shape.

A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights.


Let me help you up the steps.

Does it only apply to masculine nouns?

We were forced to change our tactics.


A steam engine is a machine by means of which heat is transformed into work.

On July 10, we will open our Sapporo branch.

Janet said he had been asked a lot of questions.

I'd like to have that gift wrapped.

I am the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Thou shalt have no other monsters before Me. (Afterwards is OK; just use protection.) The only Monster who deserves capitalization is Me! Other monsters are false monsters, undeserving of capitalization.


We remember you.


Thousands of homes were destroyed.

Jisheng, I need your help.

It was so foggy I couldn't tell who it was.

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I think we have to tell them.

The journey is long. The journey is hard.

Kelly did do what you said he did.

Who is this mysterious woman?

Oh, dear pigeon, how I wish I had your wings!


I feel somewhat uneasy when I sit on a chair with Japanese clothes. I feel like the wind is blowing in from the cuff of my trousers.


Why wouldn't you let me go to Jerome's party?

It must have cost you a fortune.

I am swearing at that jerk!

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Where did you put my coat?

I'm all alone right now.

You're only half finished.

I brought her into town this morning.

The nurse sat little Naresh down and told him to stick out his tongue.

The king should not speak that way.

It should only take a couple of minutes.

When did she leave the classroom?

Madonna is able to sing.


Let's look it up in the dictionary.

Philippe and Noemi were both born in Boston.

I'm pleased with my new bathing suit.


Saumya was the one who thought that we should take a break.


When Yuri Gagarin took off in Vostok 1, he was an Air Force lieutenant. When he landed, he was a major.

Kikki could hear a commotion in front of his house, so he went outside to see what was happening.

Life is a mirror!

A book, like a landscape, is a state of consciousness varying with readers.

Where is the Norwegian embassy?


He moved to Germany.

She made news in that country.

I heard an awesome story yesterday.


Come down from the tree.

After I got married, my Japanese got better and I could understand more.

How do you know what I heard?

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I wonder why karaoke is so popular.

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We're waiting for it.

You can use my car today.

I like dogs best of all animals.

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It took several months to shoot that film.

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Liyuan followed Jared through the gate.

The baby is cranky because it's teething.

Where were you in 2013?

We're helping them.

Sjouke looks hungry.


I have not seen much of him recently.


I make it a rule to get up early in the morning.

I need your support.

It wasn't very fun.

The birds went across the sea.

I'm thirty.

Mysore moved to Finland and became a reindeer herder.

Eleven is a prime number.


Hunter went to a concert just the other day.

I was totally wrong.

It's 4:30 in the afternoon.


Sally is quite good at his job.

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Can I get another cup of coffee?

Have you had dealings with men?

I'll be damned if I let this stop me!

Thanks to your stupidity, we lost the game.

Follow behind me.

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She must be sick.


They'll ask him.


William couldn't keep his eyes off Dwight.

Do you know Arlene's email address?

Please don't torment me any longer.

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We are, in large measure, responsible for students' success in the entrance exam.

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I completely agree with you.


Rabin is at least a head taller than me.

Your watch gains time.

Those are old wives' tales.

Whom did you visit yesterday afternoon?

It is a wise father that knows his own child.


I can't believe I made Lea cry.


I doubt if Teruyuki would let me do that.

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You must go and see if Urs is OK.


He described his own experience.


Manjeri needs help.

There were five classes in the first year.

What exactly is the threat?

I got soaked to the skin.

Sherri didn't want to cry.

If you will come this way...

I think your eyes are very beautiful.

Do you think Donald followed Po's advice?

I always keep an eye on them.

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What else did you miss?


He should have known.

He is acquisitive of knowledge.

Evan ran back inside.

She likes nothing but the best.

I put three teaspoons of sugar in your tea.

A lot of problems derive from a lack of reading in the home.

I'm the leader here.

Raul pulled an envelope out of her purse and handed it to Murthy.

Well may you ask why!

When I came home, my sister was playing the guitar.

We were both a bit drunk.

Are you with Daryl?

Susan and Mickey were my best friends in college.

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Look into that, would you?

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Add up these figures.

Every man or woman for themselves!

Kanthan got some wrong on the test.

You're the one who suggested we eat Chinese food, so don't complain.

Productive thinking and creativity are unthinkable without imagination.

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Is everybody listening?

He is proof against temptation.

I don't think that I want to go to college.

How do you feel about that?

She is wise beyond her years.