I live in an old house.

He often eats breakfast there.

Try not to be late tomorrow.

There may be something wrong with you.

Can the dentist see me today?

I want to become a French teacher.

You must miss me a lot.

You won't be interested.

I simply don't know what to tell...

I do nothing of the kind.

Let's not talk about it now.

Naren currently lives in Boston.

Toerless has a 13-year-old sister.

The rumor turned out true.

Your book is double the size of mine.

Have we seen the last of Frances?

A tall woman came along.

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It was not long before I caught up with him.

Mike didn't have to stay with me.

He had a shower before breakfast.


Hold the candle.

Monkeys can learn a lot of tricks.

I found a stain on your bed.

The others don't want us here.

I poured the wine in a plastic bag and then dipped it in ice water.

We could certainly use some help.

Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.

I hope Gregg is well.

Ask her what she bought.

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Are white lies really necessary in our social life?


Stay with us! Thus, you will learn fresh and interesting news earlier than every other inhabitant of our planet. Tatoeba: Always a good choice.

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Laurie declined to do an interview.

Fay has been looking after Lawrence for three years.

He works at a tattoo parlor.

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They want me to talk to him.


You're moving too fast for me.


An important principle of the Internet is the network neutrality.

Love and jealousy go hand in hand.

We, by ourselves, are able to, without a typical crab.

I couldn't be more pleased.

Do you know what's in here?

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The child has got the fidgets today.

I will marry a beautiful Estonian woman.

I will be watching TV at nine o'clock tonight in spite of much homework.

I was talking about her.

He took a walk before breakfast.

It's amusing.

There are workers whose only goal is to become exploiters.


Winnie doesn't know the difference between good and evil.

Lou asked me to give this to you.

She divided the cake between the two.

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49 is the smallest natural number with the property that it and its two direct neighbours are not square-free.

It's eight o'clock in the morning.

Can you translate?

And what do you know!

Dori came just as I was leaving.

He was standing there with a vacant look.

That blonde girl with curly hair is from Sweden.


She is an expert typist.

I'm going out in an hour.

Kemal dug up Stanley's body.

I am touched by their kindness.

The atomic bomb is a great threat to humanity.


How are you getting back home?

He fears for his life.

Bonnie said he didn't know why Daniel was angry.


I think his job resume is questionable.

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We all thought Jeff would be here tonight.


Do you have enough money?

He has aged a great deal lately.

They embraced each other.

In Soviet Russia, sentence writes you!

The police want to talk to me.


This is a pencil.

He has two languages at his command besides English.

He lived a life full of worries.


Bernard always seems to be happy and smiling.

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A framed photo of my family hangs above my desk.


He cherished the memory of his dead wife.

Your computer is obsolete. You need to buy a new one.

I'm a little squeamish.

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They call this planet 'Earth'.

I'll only buy the car if they fix the brakes first.

I think English is terrible hard, but terrific worthwhile

I think we got off on the wrong foot.

Barry's company is drilling for oil.

Go to the store.

Dreams came true.

Come to my office.

I can't tell you when Troy will get here.

I was kidding.

He is a poet or something.

I think you're going to like Josip.

These are the rules.

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I advanced the hands on the clock.

The thief-taker arrested many thieves at the same time.

Care has made her look ten years older.


Stick with it and you'll succeed.

He was driving at over 120 kph when the accident happened.

Fog is a very important element.

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It was just polite applause.

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My ideas are always great.

Except for John, they all arrived.

This rule holds good at all times.


I'm glad I left Boston.


My mother put clean sheets on my bed.

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Don't lie to me! You're the one who did it.


General Jackson organized the defense of the city.

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We have to find out what Paula is doing.

According to an estimate, steel production will reach 100 million tons this year.

She works for a big advertising firm in New York.

My home is close to the station.

I must be hallucinating.

I hope you guys are cool with this.

What's the difference between microbes and bacteria?

Valentin is creative.

You had better be ready in case he comes.

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Can you speak another language?

Did Sergiu push you?

I used to go fishing quite often, but now I rarely go.

In my opinion, you can joke about anything. A lot of times people joke to make tragic events feel more tolerable.

I studied hard so that I could pass the examination.

I don't feel like cooking.

What is a UFO?

Have you questioned him?

Don't blame it on us.


I don't like the way Spyros writes.

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I never said I was an artist.

He is saving money so that he may buy a motorcycle.

Would you ever consider dating your best friend's ex-boyfriend?

There are no eggs in the henhouse.

Do you need the phone?

You don't need to point that out to me.

She looked at me.

That would not be easy.

It's yours for the taking.

You can't do that to Sarah.

In America a crude expression for "The device has failed" is "It shit the bed."

She held on to it for dear life.

Do you want me to pick up Saul after school?

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It's people like you who give Boston a bad name.


You never have any money.

Tuna wasn't sure which one he should buy.

She put her sweater on.


I hate this music.

Anyone can do it easily.

The debuts of groups of South Korean female singers are on the rise in Japan. Japanese singers can't afford to let their guards down.


Some stars began to appear in the night sky.


He put up with the greatest hardship that no one could imagine.


The students pay keen attention.


I didn't think that could be your invention.


There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.


Toft's life is back to normal.

They got onto the plane.

Sandeep was mad.

I lay on my bed.

Please refrain from insulting me.